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Quantum Armor is the most effective Armour in IndustrialCraft 2 (see Armor Comparison). Its durability is only surpassed in Tekkit by Dark Matter, Red Matter, and Gem Armors. It uses EU charge to absorb 100% of damage taken, protecting the player from everything until it runs out of charge (falling from extremely high y-values can prove fatal; tested with fully charged armor at 1600 y-value). However, a Nano Saber, or its much more powerful Alchemical counterparts, can drain charge much faster than weaker weapons, similar to the Nano Armor. Each piece must be charged with EU in an MFSU , HV Solar Array , or Charging Bench MK. 3. Unlike Dark Matter Armor, Quantum Armor will protect you from Tesla Coil . Despite the fact that it protects from all damage, many of Tekkit's more experienced players choose to use Gem Armor instead, as Gem armor has unlimited durability and more powerful bonuses granted. That, and the fact that once quantum is drained of charge by a powerful weapon, it becomes just dead weight.

Effects it Quantum ArmorEdit

A quantum armor suit gives the following effects:


  • Waterbreathing (Dive Time 2h 45m before resurface, 2h 50-52m dead, Full charge - Empty)
  • Poison Curing
  • Hunger Replenishment

Body armour

  • Invulnerability (With full suit)


  • 3.4x faster sprinting


  • Fall Damage Resistance
  • Jump boost when holding Left-CTRL (if running during this procedure a forward speed boost is included)

Crafting recipesEdit

QuantumSuit HelmetEdit

QuantumSuit Body ArmorEdit

QuantumSuit LeggingsEdit

QuantumSuit BootsEdit


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