The Catalytic Lens is a powerful tool which combines the tunneling power of the Destruction Catalyst with the explosive projectiles of the Hyperkinetic Lens.

  • Catalytic Lens Projectile
  • Catalytic Lens Aftermath
When pressing 'R' with the Catalytic Lens equipped, the Lens fires an explosive projectile, which destroys an area whose size is dependent on the charge level and, upon impact with a block, drops the items from the destroyed blocks in a Loot Ball in the middle of the explosion, similar to the Hyperkinetic Lens.

When right-clicking, the Catalytic Lens functions like the Destruction Catalyst, destroying a 3x3 panel where you clicked.

When you press "V" to charge the Catalytic Lens, the right-click function of the Catalytic Lens becomes more powerful, digging out long 3x3 tunnels. At max charge, the Catalytic Lens breaks through as many as 64 layers, as opposed to the Destruction Catalyst's maximum 16 layer tunnels. Using this ability will consume 9,216 EMC, or 24 Glowstone Dust. Like the Destruction Catalyst, the Catalytic Lens drops all the items from the destroyed section at the point of right-click.

If you press "C", the Catalytic Lens performs its right-click function forwards in front of you, and drops the resulting resources right onto your character.

Please note that this item requires fuel such as anything you can make from Coal with the Philosopher's Stone, Glowstone, Glowstone Dust, or a charged Klein Star to charge it.

All block breaking tools use 16EMC/block broken.


Crafting GUI.png

Dark Matter

Hyperkinetic Lens

Dark Matter

Dark Matter

Dark Matter

Dark Matter

Dark Matter

Destruction Catalyst

Dark Matter

Catalytic Lens

14,476 (Destruction Catalyst) + 329,186 (Hyperkinetic Lens) + 7x 139,264 (Dark Matter) = 1,318,510 EMC each.


The catalytic lens can be used through Force Fields when fully charged, (even when the force field is 32 x 32) and destroy almost everything within it.

Video Tutorial

Minecraft Technic Part 34 Catalytic Lens, Void Ring and a Massive Castle!20:01

Minecraft Technic Part 34 Catalytic Lens, Void Ring and a Massive Castle!

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