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The Builder is a machine that, when powered, allows you to make replicas of whatever block is placed in its inventory corresponding to a Template.


Ink Sac

Dandelion Yellow

Diamond Gear


Crafting Table


Ink Sac

Dandelion Yellow

Diamond Gear




A GUI of a Builder

When a Builder is placed, nothing will appear initially. A Template is required, which is made by a Template Drawing Table. Once a template is put into the top slot, a yellow-black striped outline will appear in front of the builder. This is where the blueprint/template's contents will be produced. Now, it needs a power source. A Steam Engine will give enough power for a simple building, like a cobblestone hollowed square. For a more complex and large building, Combustion Engines may be required. Once it has power, the Builder starts to build the information that is in the Template.

If you place micro blocks into the Builder's inventory, they will gradually disappear when the Builder is in use but they will not appear in your building area. You should only add full blocks to the Builder's inventory. However, microblocks can be used when constructing a template for the Builder to use.

A Redstone Engine or IndustrialCraft Energy (EU) will not power the Builder (unless you use an Energy Link). A Steam Engine or better is required.


  • The Builder may leave its yellow construction frame behind upon completion. Disconnecting and reconnecting should fix this.(Tested on SMP.)
  • The Builder can not recognize damage values on blocks so it can not tell the difference between white and black wool etc.

Video TutorialEdit

Builder - Buildcraft In Less Than 90 Seconds01:14

Builder - Buildcraft In Less Than 90 Seconds

Minecraft Technic Part 21 The Builder and the Architect Table!13:38

Minecraft Technic Part 21 The Builder and the Architect Table!

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