This article is about the Buffer added by Tubestuff. For the RedPower2 version, click here.

The Buffer allows you to transfer items between Pipes and Pneumatic Tubes easily. It also combines stacks of items together to reduce lag.

You can fill it with items from Buildcraft Pipes, Redpower Tubes, placing in items manually. (just like a Chest).

If you put a Wooden or Gold transport Pipe next to the Buffer, it will send one stack of items into the pipe every few seconds (depending on the number of empty slots - 5 seconds when empty, 0.5 seconds when full).

If you put a Filter next to it, with the input side of the filter facing the Buffer, the Buffer will output a Redstone signal to activate the Filter at the same rate and time that it  sends items into the pipes.


Using Redpower materials:

Crafting GUI.png




Buffer (TubeStuff)

Using Buildcraft materials (cheaper):

Crafting GUI.png

Wooden Pipe


Redstone Engine

Buffer (TubeStuff)

Buffer (TubeStuff) GUI

Buffer GUI

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