The Blulectric Alloy Furnace is a version of an Alloy Furnace that uses Blutricity to power the furnace, rather than coal or other sources of fuel.


Crafting GUI.png

Brick (Block)

Brick (Block)

Iron Ingot

Brick (Block)

Blue Alloy Ingot

Brick (Block)

Brick (Block)

Iron Ingot

Blulectric Alloy Furnace

Alloy-Smelting GUI

2012-07-16 13.00.14

Blulectric Alloy Furnace alloy-smelting GUI

2012-07-16 13.00.11

Blulectric Alloy Furnace beside a battery box

The Blulectric Alloy Furnace's GUI is similar to the one found on the Alloy Furnace, but it now has the energy storage and charge gauge. It shares all the same recipes as the regular brick alloy furnace.


When accessing with Pneumatic Tubes, input is the TOP face, and output is the RIGHT face when the furnace faces the player (contrary to the Red Power wiki which claims input is the Left side. Tested in 1.2.5).

Filters and a redstone pulse such as a Timer can be used to make sure the furnace gets materials in the right proportion, preventing its inventory getting filled up with only one material leaving no space for the other, thus jamming it. Alternatively, a Sorting Machine can be used for the same purpose, or a Retriever and Retrievulator, which will allow the furnace to maintain the correct proportions of material with great precision.

Video Tutorials

How to Tekkit - Alloy Furnace and Redpower Blutricity16:50

How to Tekkit - Alloy Furnace and Redpower Blutricity

Tekkit Classic - Megalith Tutorial Series - Part One - Blutricity07:10

Tekkit Classic - Megalith Tutorial Series - Part One - Blutricity

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