The Block Breaker is a RedPower2 Machine which breaks the block directly in front of its face when a redstone signal is applied to it.


Upon receiving a Redstone signal, the Block Breaker will break the block in front of its block face and drop the block out of the back side. If a Pneumatic Tube, Redstone Tube, or Chest is attached to the block breaker, it will pump the item into said tube, or Chest.


Crafting GUI.png




Iron Pickaxe






Block Breaker


An automatic Cobblestone generator creates cobble using water and lava, which is then broken by the Block Breakers and can be piped back to chests.
2012-08-14 17.24.47

Fitting 4 block breakers on to 1 lava block


  • Despite using an iron pickaxe in the recipe, Block Breaker will break Obsidian and will do so much faster than any normal pickaxe.
  • A Screwdriver or Sonic Screwdriver is required to change the direction of the Block Breaker.

Block Breakers facing different directions.

  • Factions and other land protection mods can prevent Block Breakers from working, so make sure if your server has factions, you do not have your block breakers in a piece of claimed land.
  • If using on a cobble stone generator, having a timer at 1.5 seconds will set off the block breaker right as cobble is generated.
  • Using a block breaker on Ice, Glass, Monster Spawner, or Construction Foam will Not produce anything.
  • Using a block breaker on IC2-machines may turn them into Machine Blocks.
  • Using RedPower2 Wiring such as Red-Alloy Wire will reduce lag from using conventional "vanilla" redstone wire, especially in servers.

Bugs & Errors

  • Block breakers will stop working at the altitude of y = 200 and up.
  • Block Breakers will stop working after some time has passed.
  • Block Breakers are able to break personal safes, even if the block breaker wasn't placed by the safe owner. The Mining Turtle has a similar bug.

Video Tutorial

Tekkit Tutorials - Simple Cobblestone Generator Setup02:38

Tekkit Tutorials - Simple Cobblestone Generator Setup

Technic Tutorials 3603:00

Technic Tutorials 36. Block Breaker

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