Basalt Brick is mainly used for decoration on castles or other similar structures. Basalt is only found as part of Volcanoes - a structure added by RedPower World. When mining Basalt, it will drop Basalt Cobblestone. This can be smelted back into Basalt, which can in turn be used to make Basalt Bricks.


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Basalt Brick


Blast Resistance

When a creeper blows up on Basalt or Basalt Bricks it will blow up only 0-1 blocks, making it a great building material.

Simple blast-chamber testing (building a 5x5x5 block with a hole in one side and TNT placed in the center then detonated) suggests that Basalt Brick has a higher blast resistance than end stone. As end stone has a blast resistance of 45, when compared with Obsidian and Construction Foam--both with Blast Resistance of 60--Basalt Bricks appear to be weaker. The Blast Resistance for Basalt Bricks would be approximately 50.

Specific results after several rounds of testing each type were:

Blast Chamberpng

End Stone and Basalt Blast Chambers.

  • End Stone averaged 26 blocks destroyed in a TNT detonation
  • Basalt averaged 24 blocks destroyed
  • Basalt Brick had only 22 blocks destroyed on average.

Further testing has found that Basalt Brick is stronger than End Stone with Sticky Dynamite.

Sticky Dynamite will not destroy Basalt Brick, but it will destroy End Stone.

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