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The Athame is a silver dagger. Against most mobs or other players, it does 1/2 hearts of damage, but deals a lot of bonus damage to Endermen. The Athame is capable of killing an Enderman in just two non-critical hits. Its item ID is 1329. The Athame has a durability of 72.

Crafting requires a single Silver Ingot and a Stick, which means it can be crafted without the need for a Crafting Table.

It is also enchanted very well; one level can give you a level 2 enchantment. However, due to its low damage rating it's not recommended to spend experience on the Athame unless you are specifically hunting Endermen for the Ender Pearls.

  • In-game Athame
  • Blocking Athame


Silver Ingot



Video TutorialsEdit

Athame Tutorial(00:45)
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