The Assembler is a RedPower2 device which allows for deployment of a complex arrangement of blocks. The GUI has two 8x2 slots, the top one is the order in which the assembler will place blocks, and the bottom is the storage space for the materials that will be placed.


The GUI has two main modes. Depending on which mode the assembler is in, the block will behave in different ways.

Assembler gui 2

Cycle mode

Cycling mode

The assembler will cycle through the elements in the top slots and deploy the right element at the right time. The assembler can be used in tree farms to cycle through different types of saplings.

Assembleur gui 1

Color Mode

Color Mode

In this mode, the Assembler must be wired up with a bundled cable. Each slot corresponds to a different redstone color current, enabling it to choose which object to use by simply toggling the redstone color.


Crafting GUI.png

Brass Ingot

Bundled Cables




Red-Doped Wafer

Brass Ingot

Bundled Cables



Video Tutorial

Tekkit Tutorial - Golem Making Machine Using An Assembler and Frame Motors13:42

Tekkit Tutorial - Golem Making Machine Using An Assembler and Frame Motors

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