Tekkit Classic features an extensive amount of armors. This page lists most types of armor added by Tekkit Classic, and also shows some benefits of different sets of armor.

Armor Protection Comments
Grid Bronze HelmetGrid Bronze ChestplateGrid Bronze LegsGrid Bronze Boots
Same as Iron

More durable than Iron

Grid Nano HelmetGrid Nano Body ArmorGrid Nano LeggingsGrid Nano Boots
A full set absorbs almost all damage, 90% reduction Requires charging, can be destroyed by a Nano Saber. Stores 400,000 EU .
Grid Quantum HelmetGrid Quantum Body ArmorGrid Quantum LeggingsGrid Quantum Boots
A full set absorbs all damage, 100% reduction Requires charging, has special benefits. Stores 4 million EU .
Dark Matter
Grid Dark Matter HelmetGrid Dark Matter ChestplateGrid Dark Matter LegsGrid Dark Matter Boots
80% Damage reduction Indestructible, requires no fuel.
Red Matter
Grid Red Matter HelmetGrid Red Matter ChestplateGrid Red Matter LegsGrid Red Matter Boots
90% Damage reduction Indestructible, requires no fuel. 
Grid Abyss HelmetGrid Infernal ArmorGravity greavesHurricane boots
Repels mobs & 90% damage reduction Many benefits, superior offensive capabilities
Solar Helmet
Grid Solar Helmet
None Charges electric tools in the player's hand, and a LapPack/BatPack the player wears. Also charges electric jetpack.
Composite Vest
Grid Composite Vest

Same as Iron

Projectile Damage Reduction

Lasts longer than Diamond.
Electric Jetpack
Grid Electric Jetpack
None Requires charging, Allows flight. Stores 30,000 EU.
Grid Jetpack
None Allows flight, uses fuel.
Grid BatPack
None Stores 60,000 EU to be used for tools or as a battery.
Grid LapPack
None An upgrade of the BatPack which stores 300,000 EU and can charge more tools.
Rubber Boots
Grid Rubber Boots
Fall damage reduction Negate fall damage up to 10 blocks; above 10 blocks: decrease damage with a moderate percentage (exact unknown).
Static Boots
Grid Static Boots
None Charges your BatPack, LapPack or Electric JetPack while walking.

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