The Archangel's Smite is a power ring from EE that consumes Dirt and Cobblestone to produce massive quantities of arrows. Unlike an ordinary bow, these arrows can penetrate the "invincibility frame" of mobs and players and have the power to pass through the localized time field produced by a Watch of Flowing Time. In addition to this, these arrows are created rapidly and automatically seek out targets.

Arrows are used first, and are worth a single arrow. 14 Dirt or Cobblestone converts into 1 Arrow (which basically works like an Energy Condenser). If you have a charged Klein Star the Archangel's Smite will create Arrows at 14 EMC per Arrow, draining from the Klein Star.

The Archangel's Smite can be charged by pressing V, causing it to rapidly consume arrows or resources. Left clicking will attempt to fire a "shotgun" volley of 7 arrows, while right clicking will perform a much more direct single-arrow. Pressing "G" or "R" while charged will unleash a stream of arrows until either key is pressed again, consuming your charged arrows as it goes. The Archangel's Smite shoots approximately 17 arrows/s during rapid fire mode doing 4 Damage (2 Hearts) of damage per arrow.

  • Archangel's Smite Seeking Out Targets
  • Archangel's Smite Continues to Next Target


Crafting GUI.png


Dark Matter



Iron Band



Dark Matter


Archangel's Smite

4 x 48 (Bow) + 2 x 48 (Feather) + 2 x 139264 (Dark Matter) + 2048 (Iron Band) = 280,864 EMC total.

(The Feathers and Dark Matter can be flipped).


  • The left-click "shotgun" volley of 7 arrows may not work in multiplayer.
  • An Interdiction Torch will not stop any arrows shot from the Archangels Smite
  • Upon pausing the game in Singleplayer, if the 'G' key ability is active, arrows will continue to spawn.

Video Tutorial

Minecraft Technic Part 33 Archangels Smite, Ring Of Ignition & The City of Pigmen!18:33

Minecraft Technic Part 33 Archangels Smite, Ring Of Ignition & The City of Pigmen!

Archangels Smite Tutorial Tekkit01:17

Archangels Smite Tutorial Tekkit

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